The TOUCH® Patient Enrollment Form and TYSABRI® Start Form are required to start a patient on TYSABRI. Based on the form(s) selected below, each required signer will receive an email(s) from DocuSign to complete their portion of the form.

1. To initiate the process of submitting TOUCH enrollment and TYSABRI start forms electronically, please enter your name and email in the Provider section.

Provider: The HCP representative or office staff responsible for completing the TOUCH Patient Enrollment Form and TYSABRI Start Form, including prescriber and patient information sections

2.Next, fill in the name and email for each signing role listed below. Signers will receive an email inviting them to sign this document(s).

Prescriber: The HCP responsible for enrolling the patient and signing the prescription on the TYSABRI Start Form

Patient (or personal representative): The patient being prescribed therapy and responsible for completing and signing the patient sections on the TOUCH Patient Enrollment Form and TYSABRI Start Form

3.  Please select the form(s) needed for this Patient and Prescriber. The Patient and Prescriber will receive emails for corresponding items selected.


For Important Safety Information and full Prescribing Information, including Boxed Warning and Medication Guide, please see

TYS-US-3952 v3 04/23